This was the first version of the theremin-playing robot developed in 2009. Here, it moves each arm with one degree of freedom, and uses parametric calibration to learn the positions of the notes.

Song: Sukiyaki


1-DOF player

Welcome to the Kyoto University Music Robots page! Our research group focuses on the development of theremin-playing robots that interact with human musicians.

The theremin-playing robot system, initially developed by Takeshi Mizumoto in 2009, has now been ported to 4 different robot platforms. We showcase some of them here.

HRP-2 robot (solo): 1-DOF player, 2-DOF player, with vibrato, with expression

HRP-2 robot (ensemble): tempo detection, phase sync, flute cue detection, drum & flute trio, score following, audio-visual guitar tracking

HIRO robot: 1-DOF with vibrato

NAO robot: 4-DOF with vibrato new!, interactive beat tracking new!

Publications explaining these demos can be found here, and on the group members’ web pages: Takeshi Mizumoto, Takuma Otsuka, Angelica Lim, Tatsuhiko Itohara under the supervision of Dr. Hiroshi G. Okuno.

This version added another degree of freedom to increase the speed at which it could play, and  reduce wobbling from side-to-side.

Song: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

2-DOF player

Theremin Robot Demos (oldest to newest)